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Apart from its appearance, this hot chili has nothing in common with a mushroom.

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Mushroom Yellow got its name because it looks similar to a mushroom. It originates from Jamaica and is similar to Scotch Bonnet chilies in flavor and strength.

The chili ripens from green to yellow. Because of their thin skin, Mushroom Yellow are particularly suited to dry. Muchroom Yellow is known for its very fruity taste and are also used for salsas and even eaten raw.

You can germinate the seeds indoor from around March. Then move the small plants into a greenhouse around June, when the night temperature won't get below zero. Mushroom Yellow don't like to stand in water, so water you plants slightly but regularly - the plant shouldn't dry out.

The plant will get about 50 cm tall, and the chillies are often 2-4 cm long with a diameter of about 4 cm.

Organic seeds.

Heat: 7-8 (Scoville: 30.000)

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