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Scotch Bonnet Yellow Seeds

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You need to try this insanely hot, yellow Caribbean chili. Some says it's similar to a Habanero, but why not find out for yourself? 

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Scotch Bonnet Yellow originates from the Caribbean, and is very popular especially in Jamaica. Scotch Bonnet chilies are closely related to Habanero. They are also so similar in flavor and heat, that it could be tempting to call Scotch Bonnet the Caribbean variant of habanero.

The chili plant is low and bushy, and the chili peppers are 4 cm long and round. They ripen from green to yellow.

The plant grows rather slowly, but you can germinate the seeds indoors at room temperature early from around February. In the middle of June you can move chili plants into the greenhouse. In the Scandinavian climate it can be difficult reach the heat similar to the one experienced in the Caribbean, but don't worry, Scotch Bonnet Yellow is still insanely hot.

Organic seeds.

Heat: 8-9 (Scoville: 100.000-350.000)

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