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Seven Pot Brain Strain Seeds

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If you put a lot of it in food, you will end up sleeping hungry because Seven Pot Brain Strain is extremely hot.

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It's a bit uncertain why the Seven Pot Brain Strain chili got its name. Some believe that it is because the chili somewhat resembles a brain. Others believe that it can be explained by the fact that the chili is so damn hot, that you almost get a headache of it. Many growers believe that it's the hottest of all Seven Pot chillies.

The flavor is sweet, but be careful when used in dishes, because it is extremely hot. 

Chilien ripens from green to dark red. 

You can germinate the seeds indoors from March. In June you can move your small chili plants into the greenhouse. Besides warmth, sun and water, Seven Pot Brain Strain chili requires no special care. 

Organic seeds.

Heat: 10 ++ (Scoville: 1.000.000 - 1.350.000)

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