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Seven Pot Yellow Seeds

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This small, yellow chili will leave you with a burn, that goes on for ever.

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Seven Pot Yellow is a natural variant of the various Trinidad Seven Pot chillies. 

The chili peppers are similar in size to a golf ball. They ripe from green to yellow, and if left longer on the plant, the chilies will become almost orange.

The taste is amazing and fruity. Some find the taste reminiscent of pineapple. One thing is certain, Seven Pot Yellow is wildly hot, and the deep solid burn will go on for ever. 

You can germinate your Seven Pot Yellow seeds indoors at room temperature from about February-March month. In early June you can then move your chili plants into the greenhouse.

Seven Pot Yellow is easy to grow. It just needs warmth and sun. Make sure the plant does not dry out.

Organic seeds.

Heat: 10 + (Scoville: 800.000-1.000.000)

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