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Even though the Bonsai Apple Tree isn't particularly large, it will still provide you with a lot of apples. 

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Apples have always been popular. There are many different varieties of apples, which have each its specific characteristics. This apple is called  Bonsai Apple Tree due to its small size.

Bonsai Apple Tree isn't particularly large and it fits perfectly into a small garden or in a pot on the patio. Although the tree isn't very big, it will still give you sweet and juicy apples

You can plant your Bonsai Apple Tree seeds indoors year round. Wait, however, to move the tree outdoors until it has got a certain size.

When you want to plant your seeds, it may be useful to stratify the seeds as it promotes germination. Place the seeds in a box with sand and soil in the ratio 1: 1. Then place the box in the refrigerator for 1-2 months. Afterthat you can plant your seeds in a pot. Be aware that the pot shouldn't dry out in the germination period.

The pot should be placed in a windowsill with plenty of light and heat.

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