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Sea buckthorn is a bit of a survivor. It can grow on poor soils, tolerates cold, drought and wind.

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Sea buckthorn is a true superfood. The orange berries contain many different vitamins, antioxidants and omega 3 + 7.

Originally Sea Buckthorn derived from Nepal, but today it grows all over Europe, Asia and North America.

Sea Buckthorn can get up to 2 meters tall, but you can cut it down, if you don't want the plant to get this tall. The branches are full of thorns, and they have green leaves with a silvery sheen.

It's relatively easy to grow Sea Buckthorn. The plant is very resistant to pests and diseases, and they can grow in the most poor soil, as long as they have a sunny location.

When Sea Buckthorn has reached a certain size, it'll provide you with enormous amounts of orange berries with a flavor that resembles passion fruit - however, a more acidic flavor.  

Sea Buckthorn needs cold to germinate. The seeds has to be stratified before planting them. Mix the seeds with some soil, and put them in the refrigerator for 4-6 weeks.

You can then plant the seeds on moist soil. Press them gently to stuck in the ground. If placed in a sunny windowsill, the seeds will germinate fairly quickly - just make sure that the soil is kept moist during germination.


Organic seeds.

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