Japanese Zelkova Bonsai Seeds

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Japanese Zelkova may look like an ordinary elm tree, but it is often used for bonsai tree.

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Japanese Zelkova grows naturally in Japan and Korea, where it's often up to 12 meters tall. In Scandinavia, the tree will hardly reach those heights. Japanese Zelkova is often used as bonsai tree, because the tree is relatively easy to prune into the right shape.

Japanese Zelkova looks a bit like an elm tree with its scattered, serrated, green leaves. The bark is first green with with something resembling stiff white hairs. As the tree ages, the bark smoothes and change color to reddish brown.

You can grow the tree indoor a pot and prune it so that it retains its dwarf shape. If you want to grow the tree outdoors year round, grow it in a sunny and sheltered place.

You can sow your seeds directly in a pot, but the seeds germinate best after being kept cold. You can do this by placing the seeds in a box with sand, and place it in the refrigerator for a month or two. Then you can plant the seeds indoors in a pot. It's important that the soil doesn't dry out during the germination.

Japanese Zelkova needs lot of water, and it's important that you water regularly. You can benefit from giving the tree fertilizer once a month, as it promotes growth.

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