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Bulgarian Carrot Seeds

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Don't be fooled - even though the Bulgarian Carrot looks similar to a carrot, it's a chili with the heat as cayenne. 

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As the name indicates, this orange chili pepper is originally form Bulgaria. When ripe the chili peppers looks similar to a carrot. It is more crunchier than most chilies making it perfekt for grill or pickling. 

 It's a medium hot chili and suitable for all chili lovers. 

Many describes Bulgarian Carrot as one of the most tasteful chilies in the world. It tastes as a fruity bell pepper, just a whole lot hotter. 

Rumors has it, that Bulgarian Carrot was smuggled behind the Iron Curtain i the 1980's and it has been very popular ever since. 

Bulgarian Carrot is a very productive chili plant, which makes the plant ideal for colder areas around the world.

You can plant the seeds indoor from february to speed up the germination. Afterwards you can move the small chili plants into a greenhouse or unto a sunny porch around the month of may. 

The seeds will grow into 120 cm (47 inches) tall plants, and the chili peppers can be up to 8 cm. (3 inches) long. 

Certified Organic Seeds!

Heat: 6 (Scoville 5.000 - 30.000) 

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