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Face the hurricane of evil and prepare yourself to experience a crazy yet beautiful ride. Carolina Reaper is the world's hottest chili, and it will leave you high on endorphins. 

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Carolina Reaper was originally a crossbreed between a Red Habanero and a Naga Ghost Chili. Guinness has dubbed it the world's hottest chilli since 2013. 

Normally you would experience a sort of chemical taste in the very hot chilies. However Carolina Reaper has a sweet fruity taste with notes of cinnamon.  

Even though it is extremely unpleasant eating a Carolina Reaper chili, you will afterwards feel almost high on endorphines - some even describe it as being high on drugs. 

Carolina Reaper can be used in hot sauces and dishes, although you might need to dose it with care. In fact a Caraolina Reaper chili pepper only needs to be in your dish for a very few seconds to feel the insane heat. 

The plant will be about 50 cm (19 inches) tall and the chili peppers get red when fully ripe. The seeds need warmth to germinate. It's recommended to water the seeds with lukewarm water until the seeds has germinated. If you live in a colder area you can plant the seeds indoor and then move the small chili plants outdoor when the night temperature won't get below 8 degrees celsius. 

If you want your chili peppers to be extremely hot, the plants would need a lot of warmth. You can place the plants in a greenhouse or on a sunny porch.    

Certified Organic Seeds!

Heat: 10++++ (Scoville: 1.150.000 - 2.200.00) 

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