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Normally the white color symbolize innocence. However, Habanero White is far from innocent - it is insanely hot.

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Habanero White is very similar to the ordinary red Habanero, which is available in most supermarkets - the difference is the color. Habanero White starts as light green and ripens into light yellow, and eventually it will get its ivory white color.

Habanero is extremely hot, but it still has a very aromatic taste, which makes it particularly suitable for home-made chili sauces. 

Habanero White is a very productive plant with lots of chili peppers on each plant. The chilies are about 4 cm long.

The plant can get up to 75 cm tall, but even a smaller plant will easily be able to supply an entire family with lots of white chillies.

It's a good idea to grow the seeds indoor from around February. When the average temperature is more than 8 degrees celcius (May-June), you can move the plants into the greenhouse. Habanero White can also easily grown in a windowsill or on a terrace with plenty of sun, warmth and shelter.

Habenero White germinate fairly quickly, usually within 5-15 days.

Organic seeds.

Heat: 9 - 10 (Scoville: 100.000-350.000)

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