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Jalapeno Purple Seeds

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The purple Jalapeño might be beautiful but it's still a quite hot chili pepper - not as hot as some of our other chilies though - but the purple Jalapeño is perfect for everyone loving the flavour of chilies, but doesn't favor the near-death-experience. 

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Purple Jalapeño is a hybrid chili. You will often find both red, green, and purple chili peppers on the same plant, which looks very beautiful. 

The purple Jalapeño has a medium hot taste, but it's far sweeter than the green Jalapeño. It's very crunchy and juicy, making the chili pepper perfect for salads, in sandwiches, and for pickling. 

The chili pepper has to be completely ripe to get the purple colour. At first the chili peppers will be green, before they develop the dark purple colour. In the very end there will become dark red.

Certified Organic Seeds

Heat: 5 (Scoville: 2.500 - 8.000)

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