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Jamaican Yellow Seeds

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This yellow chili is known for its refined taste and insane heat. 

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As the name suggests, Jamaican Yellow originates from Jamaica. It's related to the famous Habanero and is very similar to a Habanero in heat and flavour. However, the locals in Jamaica will probably think that Jamaican Yellow has a considerably more refined taste.

In Jamaica the chili pepper is particularly used in Jamaican Jerk, where various spices (incl. Jamaican Yellow) are rubbed into the meat. If you want the taste of chili - but not the full heat - it is often used whole in different dishes in Jamaica. When the food is ready, take up the whole chili without breaking it. This way you will prevent the chili seeds. In Jamaican Yellow the extreme heat is most intense in the seeds. 

You can grow your seeds indoors from around March. The seeds takes an average of 10-30 days to germinate. You can then move the small chili plants into the greenhouse from May. Jamaican Yellow is a relatively low and bushy plant, so it would also be suitable for growing in a sunny windowsill.

Jamaican Yellow doesn't need special care - just plenty of sun and warmth, and make sure the plant does not dry out.

Organic seeds.

Heat: 8 (Scoville: 100.000-300.000)

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