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Satans Kiss Seeds

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When eating the chili Satan's Kiss, you agree to go on a date with Satan himself. It might be a short flirt but it will for sure leave you with burning lips for a while. 

Do you not feel satisfied after a date with Satan? At Chilish we sell chili seeds so hot, it will take you the whole way to Hell. 

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Satan's Kiss is a fast-growing chili plant from Italy. The chili plant is easy to grow, and it will give a large number of chili peppers. When they are matured, they will have the same size as a golf ball and the colour will be dark red. 

When heated Satan's Kiss will lose about 60 - 70% of their heat. If you love the flavour of chili, but you're not keen on sincere heat, they are perfect perfekt for cooking. 

In Italy Satan's Kiss are used in a famous dish. The chilies are stuffed with anchovies and mozerella and grilled afterwards, but you can also use these chilies in hot chili sauces.  

The seeds will easily grow into chili plants. If you are living in a colder area, you can plant the seeds indoor. When the night temperature is more than 8 degrees celsius, you can move the plants into a greenhouse. You can also place them to a sheltered porch with lots of sun light. 

The chili plants will grow into a 60 - 90 cm (23 - 35 inches) tall plants. 

Certified Organic Seeds!

Heat: 6 (Scoville: 40.000 - 50.000)  

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