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Rainbow Carrots

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Carrot seeds that gives you carrots in white, yellow, orange and purple.

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Rainbow Carrot seeds contains summer carrots in a mixture of purple, red, white, yellow and orange. It is the perfect mix for those who want to try several different colors and varieties.

You can plant the carrot seeds from April to June - if you are sowing the seeds several times, you will have fresh carrots throughout the summer.

Carrot seeds can germinate at 4 degrees, but the fastest germinating takes place at temperatures between 10-30 degrees. 

Carrots can grow in almost any soil. Just make sure that the seeds don't dry out in the germination process, this will stop seed germination. Once the carrots are growing, it can hardly go wrong.

Rainbow Carrots don't require much work. You can use fertilizer when the seeds have germinated, and the plants are growing well.

Sprinkle the carrot seeds with a very light hand in a thin layer. It can be a little difficult, because the seeds are very small. If you mix the seeds with a little soil or sand it might be easier. Then cover the seeds with about 1 cm of soil.

Now you just have to wait. Carrot seeds are slow to germinate. It can easily take 2-4 weeks. At Chilish we guarantee germination, so be patient. 

You can expect to reap the first rainbow carrots about 2 months after sowing. 

Organic seeds.

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