Red Maple Bonsai Seeds

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Canadian Blood Maple tree is used in North America to make maple syrup, but the tree will with its blood red color spread joy as bonsai tree or garden tree.

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Canadian Red Maple tree (Acer Rubrum) is found in nature in most of North America. The tree is known as the national symbol of Canada.

You can easily recognize a Canadian Red Maple tree, as it has beautiful blood-red leaves and red "flowers. "

Canadian Red Maple is suitable for garden and as a bonsai tree. If you want to use the tree as bonsai tree, the leaves and branches need to be pruned as recommended for bonsai trees.

When you want to grow your Canadian Red Maple seeds, it may be beneficial to cold process the seeds as it promotes germination.

You do this by soaking the seeds in lukewarm water for 24 hours. Then fill a pot with soil and sand in the ratio 2: 1. Sprinkle the seeds on the soil mixture, and cover them with about 0.5 cm of the mixture. Moisten the soil mixture, and then place the pot in a plastic bag, seal it tightly. The pot is placed in the refrigerator for a month.

Then remove the plastic bag and place the pot a sunny windowsill at room temperature. Gently water the soil and cover the pot with plastic film in which you make holes.

Make sure the soil is kept moist but not too wet. Remove the plastic cover once in a while to avoid mold formation. The seeds will germinate in 6-8 weeks. When the seeds has germinated, you can remove the plastic cover. 

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