Coffee Arabica Nana Plant Seeds

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Wouldn't it be cool to grow your own coffee? With a little patience, this is actually possible.

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The Coffee Arabica plant has been known for millennia, and it probably originated from the former Abyssinia around Ethiopia. There are many different varieties of Arabica Coffee plants, and most of them will be several meters tall.

The dwarf coffee plant Nana is particularly suitable as a houseplant since the maximum height is 1.5 meters. You can grow the plant in a pot in the windowsill or on the patio, where there is plenty of light without direct sun. In summer you can choose to move the coffee plant out into the garden.

During the first three years, the Coffee Plant blooms with white, star-shaped flowers that smells like vanilla. After the flowers the plant produces small green fruit that ripens in to red and eventually becomes almost black. This maturation can take several months.

You can grow your Coffee Plant seeds indoors all year. Before you sow the seeds, you can soak the seeds in lukewarm water for about 12 hours. Then you can sow the seeds in peat moss in about 0.5cm depth. At room temperature the seeds will germinate within a month. In the first few months direct sunlight needs to be limited.

The dwarf coffee plant is easy to grow. Make sure the soil is kept moist, but don't let the plant stand in too much water. Give the plant a little fertilizer once a month during the summer.

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