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Indian Crepe Myrtle Bonsai

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The Indian Crepe Myrtle can bloom for months with pink and purple flowers. 

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The Indian Crepe Myrtle originates from East Asia. The tree is characterized by its beautiful pink and purple flowers. The petals are lightly curled and has texture which resembling crepe paper. In subtropic areas the tree can get several meters tall, but in Denmark it's rare to see tall Indian Crepe Myrtle trees. The tree is suitable to grow indoor or on the terrace.

The Indian Crepe Myrtle has several logs, but can be pruned. You also use it for Bonsai tree.

In temperate climates you can enjoy the beautiful flowers from summer and well into autumn.

You can grow your Indian Crepe Myrtle seeds indoors all year. Gently press the seeds into a pot with moist peat moss. It's important that the pot has a hole in the bottom so the soil is drained. Cover the pot with plastic wrap and place the pot in a warm place. Keep an eye on it, the soil shouldn't dry out. Once the seeds have begun to germinate, remove the plastic. The plants need to grow somewhere sunny and warm - like a windowsill.

The seeds germinate within a few weeks.

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