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Despite the modest size of The Mountain Papaya, the tree can provide you with great amounts of fruits.

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The Mountain Papaya isn't well known in Denmark, which is a shame. In addition to the delicate flavor, the Mountain Papaya is better suited for the Scandinavian climate than the ordinary Papaya tree.

The Mountain Papaya grows naturally in the Andes, but the greatest production takes place in Chile. The plant is used to grow in a subtropic climate, but The Mountain Papaya grows well in a conservatory or in the living room with plenty of light. You can also grow Mountain Papaya in a greenhouse. The plant tolerate some freezing degrees for a short period. 

Normally, The Mountain Papaya grows up to 4 meters tall, but this is a dwarf variety that rarely gets very tall.

The Mountain Papaya begins to bloom when the plant is about 1 year old. The papaya fruit is about 6-15 cm long and have a diameter of 3-8 cm. Initially, the fruits are green and rises to yellow. The flesh is white-ish or light yellow and contains seeds. The seeds and skin isn't meant for eating. The Mountain Papaya tastes sweet and sour at the same time.

The seeds germinated indoors in a soil rich in nutrients. You may want to cover the pot with clear plastic wrap and then remove it when germination is starting. It's important that the soil doesn't dry out during germination, so you need to water regularly.

The roots of the Mountain Papaya don't tolerate standing in water for long, as it may can cause them to rotten. It's therefore extremely important that you choose a pot with holes in the bottom to ensure drainage, because the plant still needs lots of water.

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